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Tow Straps

Eye & Eye
Nylon Tow Straps

Matex nylon tow straps are ideal for truck and bus operators, emergency and off-road vehicle operators, farmers and contractor. They are available in a wide range of capacities and are easy to use. Simply attach one eye of the tow strap to the stuch vehicle’s trailer hitch or hook. Allow the strap to hang loosely between the vehicles, and by a rapid forward movement of the recovery vehicle the strap will stretch and the elastic characteristic of nylon will free the stuck vehicle.

All angles measured from vertical

The angle increase of the sling leg reduces its capacity. See chart for reduction factor. Determine the angle between the sling leg and the vertical plane, then multiply the sling rating by the reduction factor from the chart. This will determine the sling’s reduced capacity.

Sling Hitches

(Caution DO NOT Exceed Rated Capacities)

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