Matex Specialized Lubricants with C02 & H2S Corrosion Inhibitors

EM Cable/Wireline/Swabline

  • MXP 800 Plus (Wireline Spray)
  • Matex Duralife (Wireline Protection)
  • MTX 1800 Rehead Grease (EM Cable)
  • DX70 Plastic Jacketed Cable Lubricant


  • Matex Seal Plus Honey Oil (Seals/Lubricates)

Drill Line

  • Matex DL 500 (Heavy Asphaltic Lube)

Crane/Heavy Equipment General Purpose

  • MTX 2500 Multi-Purpose Hi Temp Grease

Lubrication Services

Matex provides lubrication services for all types of cable listed above.  Please contact us for more details.

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