Matex understands that you want the best when it comes to electromechanical (EM) cable. Your oil field business is critical and you can trust Matex to deliver the right cables that keep your job on schedule and your equipment running in premium condition.

Matex provides only the highest caliber of EM cable on the market.  With suppliers like Wireco, Camesa, Quality, DeAcero, Rochester, and Zapp, we have EM cable in stock and ready for spooling.

Servicing a line depends on the running environment.  At Matex, we believe that the frequency with which a line needs servicing depends on a variety of factors, the type of work the cable is doing—horizontal or vertical, the well conditions, your company’s preferences, and the operating company’s risk tolerance, in addition to many other factors.  Contact us today to schedule your electromechanical (EM) cable service appointment.

EM Cable Service & Installation

Wireline Spooling & Maintenance (Cased Hole / Open Hole)

  • Troubleshooting
  • Pull off & Installation
  • Tightening & Splicing
  • Line Cleaning & Lube

Specialty EM Products

  • Line Wipers
  • Tool Stands
  • Tool Dollies

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